My sole priority as a parent is to educate, protect and prepare my child for adulthood in so many ways not just in employment .Which is why i brought Oisin O Callaghan, at the age of just 14, to Shane Fitzgibbon (Youth Coach) for functional movement. and to prepare for Strength and Conditioning at this vital phase of Oisin’s life. I had been aware of Shane and his workings for few yrs before.

We started a plan of correction exercises and neurological exercises with movement last Aug and worked with Shane over a 6 month plan which was to prepare Oisin for Strength and conditioning at the start of 2018.

The gains that Oisin achieved from Shane go far beyond the obvious training benefits, etc… There were other lessons that will pay dividends later in life. You get a lot more from Shane than his own experience and professionalism. You get lessons in old fashioned manners which is vital in today’s world.

We could only say “if you value your child’s future and whether ambitious in sport or just health, you need to spend some time with Shane“.