I’ve known Shane Fitzgibbon for a long time, probably around 15 years. Along with my two brothers, I attended his Taekwon-do classes throughout primary and secondary school. After reaching black belt status, I hung up my TKD uniform to pursue other passions.

About 18 months ago, I stumbled on to his professional Facebook page at a time I was looking to improve my fitness. I wasn’t aware if he was coaching athletes or clients outside of TKD when I younger, but it was encouraging to know he was passionate about health and fitness outside of TKD specifically.

Whilst my job consists of arduous hours and intense mental concentration, it is quite sedentary. This had led to feel lethargic and immobile and gain unfavourable weight.

There is an abundance of information online, but it was difficult to wade through. Health, nutrition and fitness is a fad… Also, a lot of websites detail heavy lifting programs with no emphasis on flexibility, mobility or cardiovascular fitness.

I wanted to work on my flexibility and mobility while become lean. Strength was also a factor, but I had little interest in gaining bulk. After reading his website and speaking to him, I was relatively confident Shane and his services were what I was looking for.

The initial assessment, Shane gave me, was proficient, adequate and served its purpose. We identified strengths and weaknesses, where to concentrate our efforts and motivated me to improve.

Shane, unlike many fitness instructors, lives in the real world and didn’t make any crazy suggestions with regards to diet. The odd unhealthy meal here and there was fine. And coffee was not an issue.

Some of the things I really like about Shane’s coaching methods are:
* Questions are welcomed and answered comprehensively.
* Given his knowledge and experience, Shane can tailor his sessions to suit not only your goals, but also your physical state on that particular day. So many times we would have a late session after a long day at work and he would flip the session to cater for that.

On the downside, Shane:
• Lives ages away from me
• Probably slightly expensive – How much do you value your health and well-being?

And, I have to say, he is worth it.

In Summary:
* Shane’s sessions are so enjoyable, 99% of the time I go out feeling far better than when I walked in.
* Shane has addressed many of the weaknesses others had not been able to find. We have strengthened my core and improved by mobility. I feel light on my feet again – it’s great.

I would certainly recommend Shane to others.